And I’m back again ! I had to give purple another try !

wanna see how i got this color?


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mermaid hair! beautiful <3

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Professor Cop Who Gets Away With Murder.

I would like to thank the letters C & S.

They call me The Pedestrian

Little civilian casualty

Super customer service representative

Bad motherfucking white college bro

Human Meth Mouth

Super forgotten junkie

The amazing corpse on life support

Human Pedestrian 

IT IS I, THE BLACK MAN IN AMERICA even though i am a white teenage girl. Oh well.

Bad mother fucking cold hot dog

Love Is A Losing Game - Original Demo

Was cleaning and I found this holy most sacred item. Praise be unto the Deftones.

Listening to Deftones make me wet. True story. Lotta good/dirty memories associated with that band.

You should look into Kratom to manage your pain. It's a non controlled herb that grows in south east Asia. It is non-controlled and not addictive. It is chemically a mirror image of morphine. It can also help people addicted to pain killers and heroin. It can be ordered online, you cannot OD on it. When you stop taking it, there is no withdrawals. It can be ground up into gel caps or made into tea. It's also really cheap.

I’ve got muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, pain meds that I use sporadically, yoga and stuff I am supposed to do from PT, and a bit of ganja every now and then. I’ve never heard of it but I’ll google it. I also take antidepressants so I have to worry about things messing with them, like I used to take Kava Kava and Valerian root but my doctor said if I used them with some of the meds I am on it could fuck me up, like slow my heart or something, I don’t remember. My pain hasn’t been that bad lately, knock on wood. But thanks for thinking of me.

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Trying to Carry Groceries In One Trip.


Trying to Carry Groceries In One Trip.

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Where do you get your supplies?

Art supplies I am assuming? Where ever it’s cheapest. There’s a few mom and pop art shops around Charleston but I also go to a store called Michaels… but now with traveling it’s anywhere really.

But if it’s for jewelry I get beads from etsy, I make some beads with clay, I find bones, but I also buy some bones off etsy.

Humpback whale I saw in Alaska.

Back of my vest

It’s really hard to pack if you don’t know if you’ll be gone for three months or three years.

We are one species. We are starstuff.
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